Charge WPY*Booster was first reported as suspicious on 01/18/2013

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Most popular amounts charged: $4.99, $59.99, $19.99

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May Also Appear on the statement as Similar Charges

WPY*BOOSTER 855-469-3729 VA 49272222 512492
WPY*Booster 855-469-3725 VA
CHKCARD WPY*Booster 855-469-3729 VA
CHECKCARD WPY*Booster 855-469-3729 VA
POS Debit WPY*Booster 855-469-3729 VA
POS PUR WPY*Booster 855-469-3729 VA
POS PURCH WPY*Booster 855-469-3729 VA
POS PURCHASE WPY*Booster 855-469-3729 VA
POS REFUND WPY*Booster 855-469-3729 VA
PRE-AUTH WPY*Booster 855-469-3729 VA
PENDING WPY*Booster 855-469-3729 VA
Visa Check Card WPY*Booster 855-469-3729 VA
Misc. Debit WPY*Booster 855-469-3729 VA


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  1. Mary J Chabot

    I found a suspicious charge on my MasterCard from this company and do not have a clue who they are!

  2. Steve

    We were charged on our debit card $200. Have no idea who these guys are or why the charge. Intent on finding out in the morning. Closed right now.

  3. Steve

    I figured it out. It was for a family friend who has cancer.

  4. Joyce hume

    I do not recognize this charge.

  5. Lesa

    I called the phone number and a recording said they were closed. They answered as wepay and when I looked it up, they handle the payments for gofundme, meetup, and care

  6. Leigh

    This is a legitimate charge. It was for a local contribution to a family battling cancer.

  7. terri

    this is a fund raising organization that prints t-shirts and sweat shirts for who ever wants to raises funds for all kinds of organization my charge was for wild bird recovery winter fund raising event so it is a legitimate charge. You just have to think back and remember if you donated to an organization

  8. tom

    Wpy-Booster $114.00 totally bogus. Affidavit form is on the way to file fraud charges, new credit card is on the way. I know who I contribute to, when and how much.

  9. Barb

    Mine was a donation to Go Fund Me.

  10. Lori

    My charge was for a donation I made to an individual on GoFundMe. It was legit.

  11. Olena

    I made contribution to a church member through GoFundMe. So it was not a fraud as I thought first.

  12. Nina

    I finally figured my charge out. It was for a ‘Go Fund Me’ that I volunteeringly gave to, a family that was in an automobile accident in TX.

  13. Cassie

    I thought it was a bogus charge at first but remembered it was a fundraiser site, I bought some tshirts.

  14. Rossilyn

    Wpy booster charge in my credit card. I purchased this on Tuesday, has taken 4 days for it to show, forgot what it was for. Thanks to these posts it reminded me it was a donation. Thanks everyone

  15. Leo

    Yes I do recall donating to a Star Wars fan $10 and realized oh yeah that was for something good I did LOL

    right don’t forget to write down your good deeds folks.. it helps to remember you didn’t get jacked.. it would be so messed up if you had ya know.. decided to fight the charge when it was helping other ppl.

  16. Nancy

    Charge on my account for 35.00 that definitely was not authorized How do I get it back???!

  17. karen baxter

    Didn’t recognize the name but had ordered t-shirts for what I thought was a legitimate company and a good cause. That was several weeks ago and haven’t gotten a confirmation number or any kind of reply and certainly NO shirts.

    Guess it turns out to be a donation after all…lesson well learned.

  18. Charles Steckenrider

    If you made a donation to gofundme, that is what this charge is for.

  19. Lelia

    I donated 10.00 dollars to a go fund account and never received a confirmation. On my next bill, I was billed 100.00. I have no proof that I did not charge 100.00. I will chock this up as a lesson learned. Never give to this site. I think they are dishonest.

  20. Lynn

    I found one today 2.12.17.
    My statement said:WPY*Booster855-469-3729CA
    I called my CC. They blocked all further purchased and
    ordered new cards

  21. Darlene Hammar

    Does anybody know if they answer that phone number? The 855-469-3729? I remember placing a t-shirt order from them but nothing yet and that was over a month ago.

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