Charge FRG*TEAMFANSHOP 877-833-7397 FL was first reported as suspicious on 01/23/2013

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Most popular amounts charged: $14.99

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FRG*TEAMFANSHOP 400964342935
FRG*TEAMFANSHOP 877-833-7397

FRG*TEAMFANSHOP 877-833-7397

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  1. reyo h

    I got charage for USD 5.0 today!

    by FRG*


    I need help

  2. Maurice

    They charged my account this morning for $162 dollars, still pending, hasn’t posted yet. I already contacted my bank and stopped everything.

  3. Peter

    Had a $5 test charge, then $5 refunded back. Then a charge that appears to be from Western Union (CHKCARDWU 877 989 3268 MO) for $110 posted to my account. Western Union had no record of it. Thankfully Wells Fargo will take care of it, but I had to replace my card and file a claim.

    Did anyone else in Minnesota have this happen to them recently? Or did anyone happen to buy anything from theCHIVE with their card and have this happen?

  4. Steve D

    May, 2014 – A charge was just initiated to my credit card for a small amount $10.00, that was not completed (the money was not actually transferred yet) from FRG*TEAMFANSHOP. I did some Internet research and found the website, which states in their “Important Information about Payment–

    Please note, the charge on your statement will appear from FRG*Teamfanshop.

    I’m a 62 year old man with no interest in surfing at all, and I live halfway across the U.S. from Florida (the home of I did some research, including this website, and found that FRG*TEAMFANSHOP is apparently a staging ground for testing stolen credit card information.

    I immediately called the fraud department of my credit card issuer, and even while I was on the phone with the fraud-department representative, the first fraudulent charge on my credit card appeared, for $192 and some cents, for “DISNEY” something-or-other, a charge or purchase I did not make. This strongly indicates to me (and also to the fraud-department investigator) that FRG*TEAMFANSHOP actually is an operation to test stolen credit card information to see if the card is valid, before making an actual fraudulent purchase that is processed.

    So beware of anything in your financial records or credit card account that is labeled with FRG*TEAMFANSHOP

    I was astonished at how soon after this minor test charge of $10.00 was made as a pending transaction (not actually collected, no money transferred, because the fraudsters were trying to merely test the card, before reversing the charge to cover their staging-ground tracks) the first fraudulent charge for over $192.00 appeared on my account.

    I hope this helps someone else. Best wishes–

    Steve, New Mexico US

    • terry

      thanks steve, I’m contacting my creditcard co. asap.
      Its been 2 weeks, I bought a NFL Hoodie Salute to Service and haven’t received it yet.
      Terry in Michigan

  5. jane

    6/3/14 a charge for $43.14 was made on my card by FRG*TEAMFANSHOP after a trip to Orlando. Upon discovering I notified my bank and asked for a new card.

  6. caroline

    I just found this site. I ordered 2 shirts from FRG instead of going to and they took the money from my account without sending me any email. That was a week ago. Have I been hade?

  7. Kim

    I have been looking this company up everywhere and everything shows it to be a ripoff. How can they still be doing this with complaints over 2 years old? I don’t understand this. It is BS. Isn’t there any kind of policing these sites? I am going to have to close my account, change all my info., and never order anything online again.

  8. Alice

    Someone just used my card number to attempt a $65 online purchase from FRG Fan Shop. An alert Chase bank caught it in time and refused payment. I got an email from Chase and must now destroy that card and await a new one.

  9. JK

    I found this charge on my credit card today for $25.00. This money was refunded. Spoke with a rep from FRGTEAMFANSHOP (at least that what she said she was) and notified her that I would be reporting this. Also notified the bank from which this account was compromised.
    It does pay to check account balances frequently. I do not nor had I ever heard about these people.
    These people are hackers, testing your card before they actually use it.

  10. VM

    $292.00 charge showed up on employee’s card from FRG*FANATICS.COM…Fraudulent

  11. Karen E. Blom

    I was charged $75.48 on my credit card for something that I didn’t order. I will call to report it and change my card as soon as possible

  12. L

    Just had this happen to me last night from FRGteamfanshop. Only a small amount was charged so I knew it was a “test” amount. Citicard sent me a fraud alert text immediately (must be flagged as a stolen CC number test site) and my card has been cancelled.

  13. ChickFromTX

    Totally fraudulent activity detected by my credit card company overnight. I am grateful that Discover is so on-top of monitoring for this type of thing. While I now have the inconvenience of updating things and waiting for a new card, I didn’t get taken.

  14. Irmgard Alderman

    As a disabled senior, I wholly resent the 3 fraudulent charges made to my card. I hope you get caught and spend the rest of your lousy life in prison!

  15. helen markow

    had amex charged for 49.00 Amex caught it right away

  16. Bruce Weiss

    I received an alert from Bank of America my Visa card was charged $10.00,my card was promptly cancelled.I never ordered anything from these people.

  17. Kyla Piramoon

    They charged my card 71.98 (FRG*TEAMFANS 877 833 7397 FL) and then charged it back (the “test”), then immediately charged $50 for “Starbucks” (WA). These were not my charges so I reported them to my bank as fraudulent and unauthorized and they’re giving me a credit and sending me a new card.

    Watch out for FRG Team Fans! This is totally a staging ground for testing stolen credit card info. I hope you’re all able to watch your accounts diligently for these types of charges. Usually I miss them because I’m juggling a bunch of toddlers and a foster child, but I’m so glad I caught it because I don’t have money to lose.

  18. dboucher

    Had 4x $10.00 charges to my cc from FRG*teamfanshop over 4days. Called the 877 & 866 numbers. They told me that had not been charged because their “fraud” department had caught it. Then I found all this info. This fraud operation is still happening. I called and cancelled my card. Please tell everyone you know about FRG*Teamfanshop … It’s a scam.

  19. Julie

    I had a $20 charge attempted just last night 4/8/2016 and was caught by my credit card company because they kept entering wrong expiration date, thank God they are on top of it.

  20. Thank goodness my credit card company caught it…..they were up to four charges…..

    Just inconvenient that now I wait for a new card. Crooks are crummy!

  21. John Sinning

    I was charged $250 by this company. My bank alerted me of this incoming charges. I did not make this charge and bank cancelled CC replaced with new Chip CC. Incoming statement shows charge and now a credit for the charge. My bank advised me of more charges coming and to watch my statement daily. Based on all these other similar complaint’s, this type of activity is a common practice by this company. Apparently they also know when the CC is cancelled and they credit money quickly to avoid a FRAUD COMPLAINT by banks against the company.

  22. SuzyfromNJ

    Just got a credit (??!!) for $32.69 on my account from this on my debit card. I’ve been burned before, so I assumed they were just checking to see if they could get the card to work. I immediately locked my card, and got it cancelled today and have to wait for the replacement. When I looked it up, it appeared as if this was a scam from a few years back that had fizzled out. Well, it hasn’t.

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