Charge AMAZONPRIME MEMBERSHIP AMZN.COM/PRMENV was first reported as suspicious on 03/25/2013

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Most popular amounts charged: $12.99

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May Also Appear on the statement as Similar Charges

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CHKCARD AmazonPrime Membership NV
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POS PUR AmazonPrime Membership NV
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PRE-AUTH AmazonPrime Membership NV
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Visa Check Card AmazonPrime Membership NV
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  1. laurier leduc

    WE have been charged $99.00. The description read : CHECKCARD 0504 AmazonPrime Membership 24692164124000257774438 RECURRING
    We request that the charges be reversed and credit our account accordingly.

  2. marion milos

    I also have been charged $99.00. Description was: AMAZONPRIME MEMBERSHIP
    I request that the charges be reversed and credit my account accordingly.
    Did not sign up for AmazonPrime membership.

    • Charles T. Jones

      Charged for prime membership and i did not want it!. Please credit my account. Is this a scam as to if you use amazon you get singed up for this prime even if you dont want it. I hope not because i like using amazon but that will end unless this is taken of!!!


    I was charged $99 to AmazonPrime Membership
    I did not authorize this charge. Please give me a call at 919-381-5440 so that this can be canceled.
    Yvonne South

  4. maxo gachette

    I was charge $99
    For as 39676 recurring pos amazon member
    I also would my money to return to my account
    Please email me and 917 687 0451

  5. Mickey Spruill

    Activity for Margit T Spruill dated 06/14 for AmazonPrimeMembership in the amount of $ 99.00 was not made by this card holder. Please remove this charge and issue a refund.

  6. Anthony Ulibarri

    I was charged $99.00 twice and now I demand these charges be reversed and for my account to reflect this action!!!

  7. dorothy g.porter

    I was charged $99.0n credit acct. please refund and cancel.

  8. Jiaying Ou

    I was charged $107.66 to AmazonPrimeMembership Nv
    I have never signed up for the Amazon membership!
    I want this charge to be canceled and want my money back!

  9. We Clik Photography


  10. monique lalas

    I am charged $99.00 for amazonprime. I have no affiliation I request this off my account, please call me 801-916-2284

  11. Ella Stackhouse

    I didn’t authorize 99.00 to be taken from my account. I would like it to be put back. It’s Recurring Card AmazonPrime Me NV. Don’t even know what it is.

  12. Ella Stackhouse

    Please call me @ 843- 424- 2926

  13. Charles Sabas

    I was charged $99.00 I did not authorize,Iwant the money returned
    to my account.

  14. leroy kula

    hey i did not authorize any withdrawal from my account in the amount of 99.00 dollars you need to return in now

  15. Kathleen Burns

    I received a re-occurring charge of $107.17. This should not have been taken out of my account. I will contact my bank and file a fraudulent claim against your company. I want my money BACK!! I will also request my bank deny your transactions in the future. This is the second time this happened and it will not happen again. I will be changing my Email account so you will be unable to contact me. it was a bad discussion to have ordered anything from

  16. JohnDoh


  17. marlane Caskanette

    I just got my Credit card bill and was charged

    I just got my credit card bill and was charged $127.00 Canadian for a membership fee I did not request nor do I want I will deffinately stop using Amazon if this is money is not returned to my account

  18. John Downs

    I was charge$101.47 just recently in my credit card This should not be taking out of my credit card!! I want my money back to my account, We did not agree or sign for this membership

  19. Marie ferguson

    On June 15, 2015, I was charged $99.00 with out my permission. I request this amount be credited back to my Visa card immediately. Reference #24692165600V5AZ33.
    I will be watching for this credit!

  20. Karen Burton

    I just got my credit card bill and I have a fraudulent charge in the amount of $99.00 marked on my account referencing I never requested this and I demand to have this refunded immediately to my account

  21. Marcelline Yurkovic

    I just received my credit card statement and it showed on 8/10/15 a charge in the amount of $107.91. The transaction description reads:AmazonPrime Membership NV. I never requested Prime Membership and I demand to have this amount refunded immediately to my VISA account.
    Thank You

    • Evelyn Barbara Norris

      I have just returned from holiday to find there has been on the 3rd September a payment taken out of my account that l have not subscribed to. Amazon Prime Membership the sum of £64.76p and a 2.75% foreign exchange fee of 1.529 on his transaction.
      I phoned Amazon today and explained this however l got no real satisfaction from my call and was told it was because l had used the wrong email that l could not access Amazon Prime. I thought l had subscribed by mistake, however l now know that this is a suspicious Credit Card fraud and would like to have my money put back into my account. Please advice me what to do next before l take this further.
      Thank You
      Barbara Norris.

  22. Lydiah Naipanoi

    Attention Customer Care,

    Have been charged USD 99 for this membership, kindly note I did not subscribe nor do I need this service, Would you kindly reverse this transaction back to my credit card.

    Best Regards, Lydiah

  23. Jiacheng Wan

    I have been charged 99$+35$from Amazon prime member which i never requested . Please return my money,i am watching my account. If i didnt get any refund i will stop shopping on amazon ang i will definitely not use amazon again.

  24. Ana Hanus

    I have been charged $105.00 from my debit card for this membership, I never requested this and I am asking to have this amount refunded immediately to my account.

  25. Jinkun Tian

    I was charged$106 to AmazonPrime but I did not authorize this charge. I want to canceled that. Please email me or call me 6263713252

  26. Sue King

    I was, again, charged $107.14 for AmazonPrimeMembership. This is the 2nd time. I did not apply for membership. Please refund my $107.14.

  27. Larry Bayman

    I discovered a $99.00 charge on my account that I did not authorize. Please remove this charge and credit my account for that amount.

  28. Junfeng Zhu

    I have been charged $1.00 from my debit for this membership. I never requested this and I am asking to have this amount refunded immediately to my account.

  29. mary burke

    I have been charged $106.92 by amazon prime membership and I never joined a membership. does anyone have a phone number to call them? I’m calling the better business bureau right now

  30. Lin LYmburner

    I was charged 101.16 on my credit card. I did not authorize this. Calling my credit card company and reporting it and demanding the return of my money. I am also looking for the phone number to call them. If anyone has it please forward it to me.

  31. Joslynn

    I have been charged 99.00 for something I did not request not can I afford it. I want the charges revised to my account and never be charged again. LIKE NOW..

  32. Joslynn

    I was charged 99.00 dollars for something I have no idea as to what this is and I want my money back because it was not there to begin with and now my card is overdrawn and I’m being charged an overdraft fee of 25.00 dollars. I feel they need to pay that back.

  33. I used my card to purchase amazon product for a friend at xmas, paid chg for merchandise in jan2016, then i see another charge for $100.66 for amazon prime member, must have been a 30 day activation which I didn’t want. I called 1-866-216-1072 twice, they needed shipping address on 1st call,the next call they recognized phone# and name said they would cancel no problem and send E-mail conf.and it may take 3 days: I did this on 3/5/16 no conf as yet

  34. Chris Levinson

    I was just paying for a 2.09 paperback for reading on my computer. I check my bank statement this morning and find a 105.68 membership fee. I want this returned.

  35. Jeff Polan

    I was charged 107.91 for Amazon Prime Membership. I never joined.PLease remove this charge and credit back my account.

  36. Marguerite Graef

    I was charged $99.00 on+n My Slate Credit card. I did not authorize this charge, & I want it taken of my card. I donot know what it is for.
    It was billed as AmazonPrime Membership WA.

    • Marguerite Graef

      I am still waiting for you reply on the Charge of 99.00 on my Slate Card.
      I did not authorize this charge.
      It was billed as AmazonPrime Membership WA
      Please remove this charge from my credit card.
      Marguerite Graef

  37. Ola Lawrence

    I didn’t sign up for Amazon Prime and will have my bank to stop this.I don’t want any more money coming out.I would like my money back in my account.

  38. Patricia DeMeola

    I did not sign up for Amazon Prime. I do not wish to belong. Kindly cancel the charge. Patricia De Meola Thank you

  39. I was charged for 99.00 membership that I never signed up for and DO NOT WANT. You put me in the red for my checking account. I want my bank account credited immediately! You do NOT have my consent to take any money out of my account. I bought three books from Amazon, paid for them and requested nothing more. Seems you have a history of taking people’s money without their consent. Theresa Pratt

  40. ed Placzkowski

    We were charged 100 dollers for did not order it. We reguest that the charges be reverse and credit to our account.

  41. bob

    After you sigh up for a free amazon prime membership, after the week is up, amazon will charge you $100.00 a month unless you cancel your prime membership. This happened to me.

  42. Sharla Hardesty

    On August 4, my credit card was charged $105.68 for this membership. I did not authorize this charge. This amount needs to be credited back to my account.

  43. Sally Ladousier

    I was charged $106.92 for AmazonPrime Membership which I did not order. Please refund that amount and cancel.

  44. My account was charged 104.94. Did not ask for this membership or want it. Just want this charge taken off. Have already spoken to the bank regarding this.

  45. You charged $99.00 for something that I did not order, or for membership that I did not request either. Please refund that amount to my back account.

  46. nicole

    I have be charged $100.61 foe amazonprime membership which I did not order. please refund that amount and cancel.

  47. I was charged $104.94 for no reason did not sign up for prime refund my money asap or I get my lawyerto deal with u and I will file for alot more then u owe me

  48. Sandra

    A charge of $104.94 was charged to my Account listed as AMAZONPRIME MEMBERSHI AMZN.COM/PRIM WA i did not authorize this charge and do not appreciate this as it over drafted by account and I am paying overcharges. I have contacted the Kentucky Better Business Bureau and hope this helps someone else from having this done to them. This is why you don’t want to shop on line.

  49. Deborah

    I have been charged $100.20 from my checking account for this membership. I did not ask for this membership or want it. Cancel this membership!! Just want this charge taken off and refunded to my account. Have already spoken to the bank regarding this. Please call 919-909-8533.

  50. Tammy

    I don’t know who charged me for a membership but u better give my money back NOW!!!!!!! Because I never signed up for ur membership!!!! I will report this unless I am fully refunded by tomorrow!!!!!!!!!

  51. Les

    I was charged $100.04 for some sort of membership that I did not want or ordered. I will be reporting this to the Florida Attorney General’s office. I would like a full refund of that amount to my credit card.
    Thank you for your quick responce.

  52. Eva

    I was charged $106.18 for AmazonPrimeMember. I never wanted and never gave permission to deduct it from my Debit card. I would like for it to be redeposited back to my bank card.

  53. LARRY

    I have $100.80 charged to my credit card for amazonprim membership. I did not order this, do not want this, and I will not pay for this. This is BS and I will never have anything to do with amazon in the future..

  54. Bonnie Wiles

    This Is Bull carp, and I am not going to let you,take my money,I did not ask for this

    I want a refund,this is what we call robbery,were We come from, this is So Flipping freaking wrong. Look at all the people you have been robbing. this has to stop. I am going to the end with this one. Now you have pissed me off, after reading all of this review’s. Kevin Wiles

  55. Laura Frase

    This is bullshit I was charged 100.80 on my charge card and I called and they changed my number for me this should not have happen and will not buy from them ever again!!!!!!!!!

  56. Janet L. Burket

    I was charged 4100.32 for AMAZONPRIMEMEMBERSHIP WA. I did not order this, did not ask for this, and will not pay for this. According to the above replies, this is a scam, so I am notifying my credit card company and will not pay this. Jan Burket, retired in Naples.

  57. lisa sanders

    I have been charged $109.00 I did not please redeposit it in my account

  58. jolene wolfe

    i did not apply for a membership for 107.00 must take this off my accont now

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