Charge ACT*ACTIVE-NETWORK was first reported as suspicious on 07/30/2013

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Most popular amounts charged: $4.99, $9.84, $39.99

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  1. Kathy Mautz

    I received a charge of $64.95 on my credit card statement from ACT*Active-Network 877-228-4881. I had no idea what this was. When I Googled it online, I see that it is fraught with complaints in which people had registered for a sporting event and this company had used that payment information to charge them for a “trial” membership service. Interestingly enough, the credit card information they had used was from a sporting event that I had registered my daughter in from A YEAR PRIOR! When I called to have the charge removed, they were very unpleasant and told me that if I didn’t uncheck the box to remove myself from the trial service that I would incur the charge, but I did in fact uncheck the box.

  2. Sonia Raposo

    I just had the same charge appear on my CC. Also due to a run I had signed up for a YEAR AGO. How is this ok? They have refunded my CC but goes to show you that if you are not paying attention to your statement, these types of fess sneak in.

  3. heather baker

    I have a charge on my credit card for $64.95, I did not authorize this, what do I do to get my money refunded?

  4. Alexandra Vargas

    Active Network just charged my account $257.60. I’m not into sports at all and don’t recall this company. I’m working with my bank but not that I’m reading previous comments. I truly believe it’s a cam.

  5. Robert Spencer

    Please explain charge on my credit card on May 24, 2015

  6. Sonia Alexander

    I find a $64.95 charge on my credit card Transaction date 7/1/15, posted 7/2/15. I have no idea what this is or the charge I made. Please respond to the above e-mail address.

  7. gabriele napier

    Same here! A charge for $64.95 on my credit card for which I have no idea what it is for. Will call and get it taken off.

  8. Lori

    I signed up for a 2 day course with Mount Royal University and saw online that my CC was charged the exact cost of the course, but this Act*ActiveNetwork was the vendor. I called MRU and they said everything was okay, that this is the name of the program they use for online payments.

  9. Debbie Andrus

    I had a charge on my card for 69.95 on 4-11-16. Don’t know what this is for.

  10. Lindsey

    How do we all have the same exact charge!!! Such a scam! 69.95 4/4/16

  11. Ken

    Just got charged $83.13 on my Green Dot card.

  12. Lyndon J.

    I was charged back in Feb 2016 64.95 by Active Network, and I absolutely did not authorize this payment. I was completely unaware of this charge, as I previously had a $0.00 balance on the credit card it was charged to, so I never checked any statements. The only reason why I was ever made aware of this was because I checked my credit score because I was in the process of applying for auto loans, so you can imaged I was floored when I came to realize that I was 90 days pass due for this phantom charge. I WILL be calling this company to remove this charge and filing a complaint with Lifelock for credit card fraud!!

  13. Vernon B. Sauer

    I had a charge of 69.95 on my credit card, just like the folks above. It was not legit. Please refund the charge, or let me know how to file a claim.

  14. Doug

    Found an unknown charge of 69.95 on my Mastercard from ACT ACTIVE-NETWORKS877-228-4881TX dated Oct 10, 2016. Why is this still going on?????
    My CC Bank is currently investigating.

  15. Marie

    I just had 2 charges on November 24, 2016 both for $69.95 from ACT ACTIVE-NETWORK877-228-4881tx??? wHAT IS THIS EVEN FOR??

  16. Brian Books

    Just got a $69 bill on my statement from this odd looking name as well so I searched like you guys did – Oh yeah ! I signed up to run in a marathon for $69. This was legit it was just the odd way they write these things. Duh, I’ll bet these are all legit when people just look back, check your emails from the time frame and I’ll bet you signed up for something and forgot


    I just noticed a $69.95 debit on my checking account! I will be calling!

  18. I signed up for a 5K and paid the fee and a month later I got an additional charge for a membership that I was not aware that I was signing up for. total scam.

  19. Jerry Moyer

    I just received a charge for $69.95 on my credit card statement. I did not authorize any charge and want to get it removed. I just called the number on my statement (877-228-4881) got a voicemail with a web address (didn’t work). This certainly appears to be fraudulent and I’m going to pursue it to the fullest. I can’t stand when companies do this kind of thing.

  20. Beth Franklin

    I called to report an unauthorized charge of $69.95 to my credit card.
    I have not received an email confirming this action as you promised.
    Please comply soon.
    Thank You.

  21. Lore'

    I received an unauthorized charge of $69.95 to my Visa Debit Card On July 6, 2017. Thankfully I have an amazing Credit Union who gave me the Visa Fraud account number (866-820-8780) which in turn sent me a report form. My bank returned my money the next day and I just have to send in the form back to Visa.

  22. Amy Kazmierski

    There is a $69.95 charge on my credit card. I never signed up for this service. Please respond ASAP

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